How To Prevent SIDS

Posted On: 2010-09-01

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when an infant dies suddenly, in their crib or during sleep and is also known as crib or cot death. Many companies have researched it and have not come up with a reason for it but they do give many ways to avoid it...except Dr. Jim Sprott, OBE did find a reason, proven through blood analysis.

In 1986 Dr. Jim Sprott, OBE*, discovered the cause: fire retardant used on the mattress. Once the chemicals from the fire retardant mix with any liquid it starts a natural, but deadly chemical reaction on the mattress. This means drool, urine, sweat, and spit up all start the process that produces the deadly cocktail that is denser than air so therefore hovers right on top of the mattress. The baby slowly breathes these chemicals in over time and eventually the levels of certain chemicals in the baby’s body get too high and start shutting down organs, thus causing SIDS. Note: There are medical conditions that can and will cause a form of SIDS, what I am referring to is a chemical poisoning that is irrifutably proven with a blood test.

The following table shows the current suggestions to prevent SIDS from the research and medical companies that claim they don’t know the cause. Note my second column where I point out how the flame retardant theory is explained. After the table I provide a link for a permanent solution.

Current recommendations to prevent SIDS:

How Flame Retardant is the cause:

Use a fan in the baby’s room helps prevent SIDS

This is to blow away the chemicals because they are denser than air; they hover over the top of the mattress.  Air circulation helps to move the stagnant chemicals.

Keep baby sleeping on its back helps prevent SIDS

More stomach-sleeping babies die of SIDS because the chemicals are denser than air so when on their stomach they are breathing more of the chemicals. 

Using a pacifier helps prevent SIDS

Why? Because that means their nose is doing more breathing and it’s further from the mattress surface where the dense chemicals are.

Using a wedge pillow helps prevent SIDS

Again, the baby is elevated away from the chemical reaction that is sitting on the surface of the mattress.

Keeping second hand smoke away from baby helps prevent SIDS

This is because flame retardant has arsenic and other deadly chemicals that are also present in cigarettes. Therefore the child is more susceptible to SIDS because they are already receiving doses of the deadly chemicals from another source.

Underprivileged children are more susceptible to SIDS

This is because these groups’ parents are more likely to purchase a mattress second hand that already has the chemical reaction started.

Your 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc children are more susceptible to SIDS

This is because you are most likely still using the mattress from the first child that already has the deadly chemical reaction started.

Vaccines are often accused of causing SIDS

Vaccines do not CAUSE SIDS, but they do encourage the chemical reaction because most vaccines cause a fever, which makes the child sweat and therefore start or continue the deadly chemical reaction.

Baby’s between 2months-6months are more likely to die from SIDS

This is because babies get about 12 vaccines in this time frame (2, 4 and 6 months) that cause fever and sweating that starts the chemical reaction.

Additional recommendations include not using any of the following: blankets, comforters, bumper pads, pillows, stuffed animals etc in the crib.  Aside from the obvious possibility of suffocation, any of these items could potentially cover the babies face and trap the chemicals into a small concentrated space where the baby is breathing. 

It makes you wonder what the heck all these companies are spending research dollars on when the answer is very clear and in fact discovered more than twenty years ago. Honestly if the US ever does make it public that the mattress companies and the governing body that requires the flame retardant are responsible for so many babies dying they’d have to go out of business with all the wrongful death lawsuits.

Now that you have this information WHAT CAN YOU DOAll you need to prevent SIDS is get a mattress wrap that can be purchased from New Zealand.  I purchased two mattress wraps from New Zealand, it is not sold in the United States because it is not “flame retardant”.

-->You can purchase a BabeSafe Mattress Cover here for about $45.

Stay educated and please share this information with other parents.



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Also see Dr. Jim Sprott’s Book: "The Cot Death Cover-Up"