Posted On: 2010-05-17

What is it? A floor jungle gym for baby to lay under.

How does it work? Minimal assembly, some batteries and then you can embelish with the toys it came with and any toy you already have that can attach to the loops!

Cool Features: Music and lights activated by baby! There are three different modes to choose from.  The batteries are uniquely hiddin inside the giraffe and last a long time. There are loops on the floor mat too so you can work on belly exercise and crawling to the toys on the floor.

Practical Point: This just really is a must have, my son spent a lot of time figuring out new toys, talking to them, and really enjoyed the whole thing.

$$$ Savings: You can use the mat with the loops after your baby begins crawling and the arches need to be taken down.

Do I recommend it? Yes

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 3-9months