Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaurcer

Posted On: 2010-03-01

What is it? This is a 3-in-1 exersaucer that provides a safe place for your baby to develop and grow.

How does it work?  There are three different ways to use this: laying down, sitting in it, and standing at it. 

Cool Features:  It is designed to provide entertainment and learning for babies as young as 4 months when they first start playing with items to well after they are walking.  All of the toys do something different and really bring a variety of activites and sounds that won’t get old too fast.Environmental impact:  The 3-in-1 ability helps minimize purchases because the product changes with your growing infant/toddler.

Practical Point: Use the seat version of the product as a safe place for you baby to play while you do a quick task like shower, make dinner, or packing up to leave.

$$$ Savings: The 3-in-one ability saves you money in the long run because you aren’t having to purchase additional products that do what this one does.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 3months-2years

Dylan began using this at 7 months and just loves it, I wish I would have purchased it sooner!  He was already mobile when we got it so he didn’t use the laying down structure.  While seated in the exersaucer he is able to bounce and make lots of noises, some are in response to his bouncing and others are touch activated.  Dylan’s prefers to poop while standing and jumping around so I tend to put him in this during the most likely time that he needs to push it out.  At 10.5 months on March 1, 2010 we have not yet converted it to the table.  By far this exersaucer has the best variety of toys all attached easily by velcro as well as the best converting options.