Evenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

Posted On: 2010-05-03

What is it? A pressure mounted doorway or entry gate

How does it work? Place in door or entry way and then use the adjustment knobs to make it a tight fit.

Cool Features: The extender is nice but is not necessary in standard doorways. I like that I didn't have to put any holes in the doorway and the gate opens either way. Doors can still close while the gate is installed.

Practical Point: It is virtually impossible for the little one to smash his fingers in this gate and it will provide entertainment for your toddler (granted it's ok to have them in the room the gate is at).

$$$ Savings: $40 from Amazon is a great price, this gate can be used for pets too so most people will find years worth of use.

Do I recommend it? Yes however, after the gate is installed in a doorway it leaves a very narrow gate opening of just 16.5".  The first time I installed the gate I hit my leg on the opening really hard and it caused a bruise.

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 0-4 Years and dogs

As I mentioned in Dogs & Dylan, I installed this gate to keep them out of his room while he slept but now I use it to keep Dylan in his room while I put away his clothes and do other random things in his room like stock diapers.  It has become a regular thing for him to play with and he has never smashed his fingers in because it is literally impossible.