Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate

Posted On: 2010-06-18

What is it? This is a portable travel safety pressure mounted baby gate.

How does it work? Expand or collapse top and bottom cross bars to the width of the opening, then place in the opening and rotate the final adjustment handles.

Cool Features: The cross bars move independently so this gate will mount on uneven surfaces, just know that those adjustment buttons are hidden under the material. The net is a neat feature that allows the child to push against it without being able to push the gate down.

Practical Point: The gate is a little burdensome to put up and down because the final adjustment handles need to be tightened and untightened each time. This gate would be best used in an area where you can step over it easily. We use it at the top of the stairs and I trust it 100% to prevent my toddler from pushing it down but it's difficult to step over there so it has to be put up and down constantly.

Do I recommend it? YES

Quantity Recommended: 1-2

Age: Crawling+

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