Difficult Day At The Park

Posted On: 2011-04-13

Last week when the sun finally came out I decided to take my son to a park. We were hungry and needed something fast so we headed out to get some lunch first at Taco Bell. As usual I unloaded Abby first and then grabbed Dylan and had him hold on to Abby's car seat while I closed the car door. As I approached Taco Bell with Dylan holding my left hand, Abby in my right... I quickly let go of Dylan's hand to swing the door open wide so we could all go in before it closed. Well, Dylan moved directly in front of the door and I hit him right in the forehead with it!

After the shock of being hit with the door, Dylan settled down and I was faced with my next problem... I have never ordered a kids meal for him from anywhere except McDonald's and had no idea what to get him. I decided to get the soft taco which he ended up hating. Notice the picture to the right where he has the "What the heck are you trying to feed?" me look and the big red bump from the door. I then realized this was a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and ordered him a cheese pizza.

By the time we got done there the sun had disappeared behind the clouds but I was determined to take him to this new park that is only open when kids aren't there and since this was spring break we could go! We arrived and he immediately went up to the toddler section and down the slide... and that is all the fun he had because right after that he saw some older kids with a ball. Not just any ball, a rainbow ball. There is only one thing this kid likes as much as balls, and it's rainbows. He proceeded to just watch wherever this ball went and not have any fun at the playground.

As a parent you never like to see your child upset (not that he was crying or anything, but he really wanted to play with that ball). I packed him and Abby up and the moment we hit the road, the sun came back out.

Thanks universe!