Comfort Research 6-Feet Long XL Fuf Chair Black Twill

Posted On: 2011-09-19

What is it? This is a "fuf" foam chair, similar to a bean bag but much softer filling.

How does it work? It will arrive compressed but once out of the box it will begin expanding. It can take up to 7-10 days to fully fluff up.

Cool Features: This can be a seat for one or a seat for many. You can lay down on it or shape it how you want. This has become our family hangout spot! We are always on this now and it's so awesome for all of us to be comfortable and together so easily. 

Practical Point: This will swallow your room so choose the size of chair you want wisely. There are smaller versions but definitely check the product dimensions and the room you want it for before you buy. Returning this product will be nearly impossible so be sure!

Do I recommend it? yes

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 0+ with supervision

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