Cleaning Up A Home Birth

Posted On: 2011-02-16

Part IV

Around 1:30am I was helped up and out of bed to go potty and take a shower. I was amazed that it didn't hurt to urinate even though I had some internal stitches. I was then helped into the shower and was monitored by my midwife to make sure I wasn't going to faint. There is a possibility of fainting in the first 24-48 hours because blood flow is decreasing rapidly as fluids are lost via urine, blood, sweat, etc. I felt fine and really enjoyed the shower so soon after Abby was born. After the shower my midwife helped me get dried off, into the Depend briefs, and into some clothes. You can read about my recommendation for Depend briefs here: IMHO: Depend.

While I was in the shower the assistants cleaned up the room so well that you couldn't tell there had just been a birth there! The shower curtain liners had been removed, fresh sheets were on the bed, and all the medical supplies were packed up. They even started a load of laundry with all the soiled items! I lay back down in bed and enjoyed my new addition while they discussed the things to do and not do over the next few weeks.

Everyone stuck around for several hours to make sure there were no complications or problems. They continued to knead my belly to make sure my uterus clamped down, which it did nicely. The husband and I got to bed around 5am but he ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs because our room was too warm. We had turned on the gas fireplace to warm it up for Abby. She woke up several times but was consolable.

We all woke up for the day a little after 9am and that is when I took the following announcement picture and posted it for family and friends to see.

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