Children's Museum

Posted On: 2010-06-16

Last week I took my son to a local children's museum and had a blast! They had so many things for him to do and he just walked all over the place!

He is 14 months old and really enjoyed the water activities the most. They had little waterproof aprons to wear and had a little tiny section that was short enough for him to play in the water next to some big boys.


Another thing he enjoyed was the wildlife clinic because it has soft animals and cage doors to open and close. I think we probably could have stayed there nearly the whole time so he could arrange the stuffed animals into each of the 9 cages.

We went with an older boy named Steve, he is 2 and a half. He was mostly interested in the train section which I don't blame him for because it was awesome. There were tunnels that the tracks went over that kids could crawl under to get to more trains and track.

On the roof was the biggest surprise and where we spent most of our time. The rooftop had a huge playground, oversized chessboard, a variety of instruments to bang on, a dinosaur bone excavation site, and a few stationary vehicles kids could play on. The entire ground was padded so it was safe for Dylan to run around aimlessly to go do whatever he pleased!

Here are a few things I learned about this museum trip:

- Wear less. It gets so hot in there with kids running around and chasing after them that you should consider wearing something really light.

- Bring water and snacks. This is important because everyone will be thirsty and energy burned will need to be replaced.

- Stick with kids around the same age. While it was fun going with Steve, he was interested only in the trains. It would have been neat if Dylan shared that interest but he didn't so they didn't end up playing together much. If you choose to do different ages, just don't expect it to be a play date.