Breastfeeding Part 5: Tips and Tricks

Posted On: 2010-04-02

Always pack solid food- (for 6+month) You can use this as a way to delay breastfeeding if you don't have comfortable place to do it.

Pump near a sink if possible- this will make cleanup and storing the milk a quicker process.

Breastfeeding Bra- if you find that you need your hands while pumping try out a breastfeeding bra that holds the nozzles for you.

Pull Frozen Milk- Always pull frozen milk the day before you need it for a babysitter.

Send More Milk- Send more milk than necessary anytime you leave your baby in the care of others... you never know what might come up and delay pickup.

Store Milk Elsewhere- Keep extra milk stored in a geographically convenient place.

Bring your pump with you everywhere.

Bring a Bottle- If you will be out and about and probably won't be able to nurse, pack a bottle of refridgerated milk. It will get closer to warm temperature by the time your baby will want it.

If baby is fussy at the bottle:

- Warm it up again or more

- Maybe it's too warm

- The milk might be too slow (switch to a fast flow nipple)

- If gagging/choking the milk might be too fast or too warm (switch to a slow flow nipple)

- If baby is old enough, see if he/she just wants to hold the bottle themselves.

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