Breastfeeding Part 2: Pumping Supplies

Posted On: 2010-03-30

Pumping is an integral part of breastfeeding whether we like it or not.  The first time will be awkward and uncomfortable but in order to let other people feed your baby so you can rest you will have to do it sooner or later. It is recommended that your baby not be given a bottle until after a month but you can certainly pump anything extra and begin storing it in that time.

These are the essentials that you will need in addition to the Breastfeeding Supplies:

Pump with carry case: I highly recommend an electric, single and double pumping breast pump. The Medela Pump-In-Style with Shoulder Bag is a great option for working moms because the shoulder bag looks very professional. The pump should come with most of the accessories covered in the rest of this post.

Tubing: There needs to be tubing between the pump and the breast shields. The manufacturers do not recommended using someone elses pump but if are borrowing a pump from a family member or friend ,get new tubing. 

Breast Shields: These are the nozzle like pieces that create a "shield" over the nipples to pump the milk. You will also want to purchase a couple extra membranes (little white flappy things that allow the milk to enter the collection bottle).

Collection Bottles: The breast shields attach to these to collect the milk. They are typically found in 2.5oz, 5oz or 8oz bottles. I personally think 2.5oz is too small because by the time you have pumped 2oz the membrane is submersed and the suction becomes compromised. They might be suitable for pumping after a feeding when you know it will be 1oz from each breast.  The 5oz work the best for me and 8oz is more than I think I can produce so I just never purchased those, but some women can produce milk like crazy so that might be less frustrating for them!

Lunch Box/Cooler: I found a good priced lunch box like cooler that works well for traveling with milk and an ice pack. This is definitely an area that you don't need to spend a lot of money on buying the breast pump manufactured storage unless it's cheaper.

Storage Bags: Medela has 5oz bags and Lansinoh has 6oz bags. Both bags are shaped similarly and freeze just as well.  Consider freezing your milk laying flat (in a tupperware container just in case it leaks) for flatter and space saving storage.

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