BBQ Beef Sandwich

Posted On: 2010-02-26

Before I get into the details I have to say that this is such a great recipe.  I absolutely fell in love with it and will make it very often!  This recipe is from the Taste Of Home “Healthy Cooking” book that was published in February 2009.

Ok to start I cut up the onion and celery and put all the ingredients on the counter next to the stove.  Note: I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce and added cilantro.

I then put the raw hamburger, onions, and celery in the frying pan until the hamburger was cook through, drained it, and returned it to the pan.  I then added all the other ingredients while the burner was on low and then followed the remain instructions.

This is the completed sandwich with mozzarella cheese on Costco’s delicious mini loaf french bread: