Batter Blaster

Posted On: 2010-03-04

My friend Analise mentioned to me this morning that a review of Batter Blaster would be a great addition to MomVault.  So here we have it!






What is it? This is a premixed organic waffle or pancake mix in a can.

How does it work?  Just like whipped cream, you shake well and then spray onto a waffle iron or into a pan for pancakes.

Cool Features:  The fact that it’s organic is neat but it’s also a great way to have either waffles or pancakes without the mess.

 Environmental impact:  Well, it does get a thumbs down for being in an aerosol can.

Practical Point: This is a great item to s tock up on just before the baby comes.  Nothing is better than a quick delicious breakfast without the mess.  

$$$ Savings: N/A

 Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 2 or more!

Age: All

I originally found this at Haggen’s but have since found it at Top Foods, Albertson's, and also my friend recently found it at Walmart.  It is hidden in the butter or milk section because it is refridgerated so scope it out next time you visit your local grocery store.  My favorite waffle toppings include: butter, cool whip, raspberry syrup.