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Posted On: 2010-02-25

Yesterday I noticed I had no patience and was melancholy.  I have no reason to be because I’m rocking the mom and wife front, MomVault is going well, I started making a quilt etc. 

I was on my way home from spending time with my husband’s grandpa; I got his TV working again, cooked lunch, and then went through a stack of papers.  I have been watching what I eat recently too and have tried to stay away from sugar yet yesterday I really wanted (and felt I deserved) a DQ Chocolate Xtreme blizzard.  So I bought one and when I got home I planned to sit in the truck and eat it, determined to let Dylan finish his nap.

Husband was home though and opened the door and woke him.  I told him that I was melancholy and he was also baffled as to why I was (for the same reasons I mentioned in the first paragraph).

Well, I got my answer this morning that explains the lack of patience, the melancholy mood, and wanting chocolate… nope NOT PREGNANT, I started my period this morning for the first time since June 2008.  Breastfeeding has allowed me to avoid this monthly duty for an additional 10.5 months after Dylan was born but now it comes calling.  Ugh.

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