5 Reasons I Choose a Midwife

Posted On: 2013-11-29

1. Not feeling like a number: Having a midwife feels much more intimate than going to a doctor that has many more patients than they can care for. If you do have a doctor/OBGYN that knows you by name and remembers you each time then good!

2. More control over my care: I have more involvement with my care. I'm given options not just told I have to do them. For example, I have declined the glucose test for the last two pregnancies.

3. Comfortable office environment: The setting of a birth suite is like a bed & breakfast, very comfortable and kid friendly.

4. Flexibility during birth: I can eat or drink, I can move around, I can have open communication about what is going on.

5. Actually having that person at my birth: I haven't met a single person that had their OBGYN able to attend the birth of their child.