2 Year Wellness Check

Posted On: 2011-04-20

I am one of those parents that scheduled their child for the doctor on the anniversary of their birth! I figured it would be easier to remember especially since I also receive a reminder in the mail and a phone call. Well... that didn't work out so well because just 30 minutes before his appointment my husband asked why we weren't ready to leave!!! I rushed to get everyone ready and actually made it on time!

After checking in we were led to the exam room where Dylan's height and weight were taken. It had a funny mirror that he enjoyed looking into and I snapped a few pictures that I'd later look at and see a glimpse of the boy he is becoming. Anyway, his ended up in the 27th percentile in height and weight and 40th percentile for head circumference. He's on a steady growth so no concerns there!

I filled out an 8 page survey about his behavior. One question was about him using possessive words like me and mine, and other words like you and I. Dylan has used you a few times but hasn't really said the others so that is something we are going to work on. Additionally, I wasn't able to answer whether he can put cheerios on a string because we have never tried it! He can however, play Fruit Ninja like no other and successfully navigate to specific applications on my iPhone with ease so the fine motors skills are good to go as well.

After that he had his finger pricked to test him for anemia which I was all for since he refuses to eat meat. He never has been a fan of any kind of meat so I have been working with a vegetarian! He did very good with that and wore his second bandaid ever, the first being at his 1 year wellness check when he had the same anemia test.