2 Month Wellness Check

Posted On: 2011-03-09

The morning started by getting ready, Abby went down for a nap at 8am and I knew I’d have to wake her up to leave but better to have some sleep than no sleep. We arrived at the clinic 20 minutes early…it’s always closer than I remember.  As I arrive I see that the parking lot is completely full with people even parking in non-parking spots which I considered because I need both of my doors to open a good amount to get the kids out but I didn’t want to come out to find my car towed.

I found a spot that everyone else had avoided because of how small it was, it was so difficult to get both kids out but I finally did without my doors touching the other cars. Once inside the clinic I look around and it is packed because this pediatrician office doubles as a walk in clinic and apparently everyone and their mother got sick over the weekend and decided to come to this location. I checked in and saw there wasn’t anywhere to sit and even if there was it would be next to sick people and kids.

Side note: even if your kid is sick, dress them appropriately for the day. Pajamas just make you look lazy. I can’t even count how many children were there, sick, and wearing their pajamas.

Finally a row of seats opened up right as my appointment time arrived. We sat down and waited another fifteen minutes before I got up and asked how much longer I’d have to wait. Turns out the paperwork didn’t make it in the right bin so the back office didn’t know I was there. Seriously, walk-in people were being seen before appointments?!? In the meantime I am trying to keep Dylan from playing with the sick kids and keep Abby happy without having to take her out of her car seat because Murphy’s Law would have them call our name as soon as I take her out.

Right after my paperwork made it to the right place we were called to our exam room. Dylan saw different sports balls on the wall and was happy about that while I got Abby undressed.

Abby weighed in at 11lb 7oz (65%), height was 22.25” (43%), and her head circumference was 15.4” (61%). So apparently she’s a little shorty compared to other babies. I was relieved to see her stats over 10% since Dylan was always under that percentile for most of his first year because he had GERD.

The exam nurse took those measurements and then the pediatrician came in for a whole 4 minutes to look Abby over and say everything looked good. Since I didn’t have any concern of my own, that was all that took place.