2 Kids Under 2: Sleeping

Posted On: 2011-03-04

It's no surprise to me that sleeping is not easy to do with two children under the age of two. It really feels like Murphy's Law when it comes to sleep,...if one of them is sleeping, the other isn't.

Tough Toddler Transition: I noticed that my toddler was waking up a lot throughout the night and I think it was due to the traumatic experience of having a sibling to share his parents with. As the first few weeks went by though I realized that sometimes my toddler was waking up because he could hear his sister cry. This wasn't as obvious to me because normally she just grunts and I wake up to nurse her but the few times she has needed to cry, my toddler woke up too.

Goodbye Sleeping In: No matter what, they will never let you sleep in. I find that it varies on which one will sleep in but I never get to sleep past 6:30am.

Waking Up The Baby: My toddler constantly wakes up my newborn during the day. This poor little girl has had such rocky sleep lately but I finally have her napping in her crib, which is helping a lot. I also taught my son how to say "shhhh" when she is sleeping so that should help too!

Keeping A Schedule: It is so hard to keep a schedule... now that I need to protect the sleep of two kids on different schedules it is really rough! I finally broke down and decided grocery delivery is the way to go.


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