2 Kids Under 2: Laundry

Posted On: 2011-04-15

I remember how daunting laundry was just after my son was born and I fully expected it to be twice as bad after my daughter was born. I soon realized that since my daughter doesn't have GERD and I don't have to changer her outfit 5-6 times a day, that I have so much less laundry this time around.

One thing that worked out well is that I can easily wash both kids clothes together without much trouble. My son transitioned out of onsies around 20 months so I don't have the issue of trying to figure out which onsies go where and since I have a boy and a girl it's easy to sort by color! It seems like all of my daughter's clothes are pink or purple.  After the first few months my daughter was producing enough laundry to do loads of just hers.

Another side affect of my daughter not having GERD is that she has been gaining weight easily and well, unlike my son did. It's so crazy how fast she went through clothes for the first 3 months (she's in 6 month clothing now). I kept a container readily open to put things that were too small in and I did that almost daily!

A new laundry challenge is washing my daughters diapers. I always wanted to do cloth diapers with my son but just never did it. Thankfully I have a friend who let me borrow some of her daughter's cloth diapers so I could figure out if it is something I want to do. I'll be doing several posts on this process, startup, and maintenance in the future but basically right now I wash her diapers every other day though.

Overall not too bad of a laundry situation.